"Amy is awesome! I am an avid runner and was unable to run for almost two years due to lower leg injuries and plantar fasciitis. With no improvement after seeing two different podiatrist, a chiropractor who did ART, and going through several sets of orthotics and running shoes, I stumbled across Amy and she changed my life. I meant that. With her help I was able to get backto running....and not jut running but running well and running pain free. I could not be happier with the results of our Rolfing sessions.

Being technically good at what she does is only part of it, I love how easy she is to work withregarding scheduling and her demeanor is great! I give Amy two thumbs up!! "
Woodstock, GA 2016

"I met Amy before she moved back to the ATL.  Amy’s mom would always stop by my shop, Cartecay Bikes, in Ellijay Georgia during the Holidays purchasing gifts for Amy and telling me stories about how great Amy could ride mountain bikes. I would always say to myself “sure she can ride” Right! After a year and a half Amy finally came to visit Ellijay to ride a mountain bike on our local trails.  Bottom line, Amy can ride very well, just like her art in Rolfing®.   2011 marked a special event called the Freedom Ride. A bicycle ride from Atlanta to New York City in honor of the tenth year of 911.  Amy worked every day on Twelve Firefighters after they rode up to One Hundred to Hundred Twenty miles a day.  Amy and I have a special relationship to say the least.   A few years ago I was dealing with pain in my right knee, after an x-ray and a few visits to the doctor’s office, nothing, no signs of anything causing the pain.  I decided to call Amy for help.  After a few visits with Amy, Bam!  Have not had a problem since. I always recommend Amy to all my friends and family, she is the Bomb.  Amy Rocks.  Love you Girl. "

>>The Big Dawg Mike Palmeri
Ellijay, GA 2010-2016


"Amy is great! I have been seeing her for over 5 years for Rolfing®. She has helped me immensely with my plantar fasciitis & leg issues from running & hiking. She also keeps my upper back in shape from the stress of my job & working at a computer all day. She is truly knowledgable & does a great job looking at my body & how it moves to determine exactly what is going on. I would recommend her to anyone!

>>Shannon H
Marietta, GA


California Testimonials 2001-2015
"After my first session with Amy I had my best round of golf ever! I felt more balanced and in control. Now that I have finished the 10 series I find that I want more! Thanks Amy, for your expert care and attention to all the details of my human frame. PS: Not one migraine since my sessions ended!"
»Dr. Cheryl Saxton, D.C.
"Amy is an extremely talented Rolfer. After completing the 10 sessions, I feel rejuvenated, and years of nagging pains have been corrected through her physical work and instruction. I couldn't recommend somebody more."
»Jonathan Klein, Attorney
"Since I finished the Rolfing Series with Amy, everything works better."
»Mary Nisenbaum, Swimmer, Problem Solver
"Rolfing has relieved my notoriously tight muscles as well as given me a much greater awareness of how my skeleton exists within my skin. As a result, I now walk with noticeably better balance, less pain, and diminished sounds coming from my joints."
»John Belanger, Carpenter
"The 10-series helped me reduce chronic head, neck and hip pain from years of poor posture and movement. But beyond that, rolfing helped me feel much more balanced and grounded in everything I do. I have found a solid center of gravity that has increased my confidence in all physical activity."
»Gail Ann Greely, Non-Profit Manager
"It has been a year since Amy did a ten-series on me and there isn't a day that goes by without my thanking her in my mind for the work she did. The Rolfing was profound and has hugely changed my life for the better; I am significantly more relaxed in my body and I run pain-free, twelve to twenty-five miles per week.
This really is about two things: Rolfing . . . and Amy. Rolfing is truly amazing in affecting beneficial structural changes to the body. Seemingly permanent and "stuck" elements in my body easily released. I have no need to hold my body in good posture any longer. I simply relax now. Lifelong, chronic issues melted away through the ten-series.
And Amy . . . , she is truly amazing in her ability to "read" the body, to notice the subtle ways of movement, to respond to the individual needs of the client, while riding the form of Rolfing. She inspires a deep trust and her love of Rolfing is evident in every manipulation, every studying gaze. Thank you, Amy!!"

»Greg LaLiberte, Musician/Athlete

Photos by Andrea Wyner

"Before I found Amy Vess of Amy Loves Rolfing, I was a Rolfing newbie. Amy made sure I knew what to expect, made me feel comfortable and has been a true professional from the start. Her Rolfing knowledge and talent are matched by her effervescent personality and love for helping her clients. I have a high-stress career on top of a chronic condition that causes me to be in constant, widespread pain. Although there's no magic fix for what I have, I always feel improvement after a session. Amy has an amazing way of knowing just what I need, even when it's not the obvious thing that's bothering me the most that day. Yep, she's that good. Whether you want to improve a chronic condition or just want to move and feel better, I highly recommend her!"
>>Jamie S.
Atlanta, GA 2013-2016

"It was an old soccer injury...found Amy in Dalton GA via the internet ...what could go wrong?...NOTHING!!  She is a pro....she not only addressed the knee, but the many things that were "wrong". Now my pillow is comfy, my neck is fine, and my eyes are on the horizon during my daily walks.  Thanks Amy"

>>Franklyn Jones

“Decades ago I completed a series of Rolfing® treatments.  So, when sciatic pain made extended driving trips difficult, I scheduled an appointment with Amy Lynn Vess.  She put me at ease with her friendly professional approach and her gifted hands quickly found the specific areas most in need of release.  After completing the ten series and several follow-up Rolfing sessions I can now drive for hours without pain.  Although I follow a regular program of exercise, stretching, and massage, Amy is able to diagnose and treat sources of tightness and pain that other modalities don’t address.  One other bonus—as a hard-core mountain biker Amy is a kindred spirit for anyone who loves to ride.  – Doug – “